Today I decided to write-up a comprehensive list of safer skincare for the holiday season we're about to embark on!  I've created a list of my TOP 10 items starting at just $18, so there's something for everyone on your list and even for you! #treatyoself this holiday season, you deserve it! 😛

I am a gift-giver.  I LOVE matching gifts up for the people I love to items that I think they would like or suits them well.  The past two years I have been adamant on giving gifts that are high quality, thoughtful, and represent something bigger than ourselves.  And that's what I get when shopping with Beautycounter, with the past few years using Beautycounter products for the women (and men) on my Christmas list! Safer skin care is not just for women!  You'll see in my list below that I pick out some great products that men can use, too.

While the majority of these items are from Beautycounter, please note that I love them SO much, that I recently just became a Consultant with them to help educate my friends and family about the exposure to chemicals in our skincare and cosmetic products. With that being said, every item I have written about below I have tested for myself and I use on myself either daily or somewhere in my regular routine.  I love these products with my whole heart and that's why I am so passionate about this safer skincare movement you and I have joined in on. *By shopping with any links I have listed, I will receive a small commission from your purchase.*

High performance. Safer skincare.  No animal testing. 100% transparent. Working with Congress to put MORE regulation in the products they sell.  What more can you ask for?!

SPOILER ALERT!!! If you're my close family or friends, please stop reading here so you don't spoil your Christmas present!   I hate when gifts are known.  Ruins the magic of wonder, doesn't it?  Yeah, so don't kill the magic! You can still shop through my link HERE,* just don't read the rest of this post and what you might get as a gift. 🙂 For everyone else, let's get to it...
Whether you're looking for some bold new lipstick stocking stuffers for the women in your life, a little bit of every color eye shadow for Mom, a baby care set for the new babes and mama's, lip gloss for you niece, holiday soaps and oils for your colleagues at work, or a Multi-Masker Set for yourself, I've got you covered!  These gifts not only perform spectacular but they're safer alternatives to anything you will find on the shelves at the store.  You are giving the gift of health with these fabulous skincare collections.  And the gift collections come in the cutest boxes too! (And everything is recyclable!)


BONUS! If you've been on the fence about trying out new products, the gifts sets are at a major discounted rate.  So. now is a great opportunity to treat yourself to safer skincare, too! Once these are sold out they will not be coming back 🙁 And let me tell you, pretty much all of them are top on the list this year!


If you really like a gift set but don't want to spend over $25 on a person (secret Santa?), I suggest looking at the Holiday Gift Collections I have recommended below and dividing them out into 2 gifts instead of 1, or  3 gifts instead of 1, to get the most bang-for-your-buck!  This is exactly what I will be doing this year for my smaller gifts.  A single Intense Lip stick paired with a mason jar of collagen hot tea... boom! 4 gifts right there plus one to keep for yourself! (Side note, these gifts are running out FAST, so if you see something you like, don't wait!  The Holiday Hand Cream Trio, Glow and GO Mini Oils, and the Counterman Perfect Shave Set are already out of stock!  And it's a good excuse to get your Christmas shopping done early.)


**Enjoy shopping with Aly**


My #1 make up essential right here, ladies.  It's over-the-moon worth the investment if you care to treat yourself this holiday season.  Or, if you decide to gift it, I can guarantee you'll be the favorite because this palette has all the right shades in all the right places.  This is my go-to eyeshadow that I use day-to-day and also on special occasions.  It's got it all! I'm in love, I'm in love, and I don't care who knows it! *Anyone else say that in Buddy the Elf's voice?!* Anyway, you get the picture, it's my #1 makeup holiday gift this year!


I was never much of a lipstick kinda-gal, so I originally bought this set to divide up into 5 gifts along with another small gift. Well, I can tell you since I saw them in person, they are even more awesome and I ended up keeping them and just buying another set to gift out.  Yup, I did that. I am not ashamed because my lips are now bold and ready to take on the day. That's why this is my #2 essential makeup gift (or gifts)! This set will be available again to purchase on 11/27/17!  If you want to make sure  you get this item, send me an email and I can pre-order it for you!


THIS IS THE PERFECT GIFT IN THE HISTORY OF GIFTS! My two favorite products all wrapped up in one cute box! This bar and mask give me life.  Seriously.  I use the bar on the daily and the mask weekly because it leaves my face feeling soft and refreshed and CLEAN by detoxifying and absorbing oils and blemishes or pimples, ZAP, the mask pulls those impurities out of my body. A great gift for EVERYONE! One of my favorite gifts for men, too.  Such a great stocking stuffer and seriously essential skin care product! Can you tell how stoked I am about this one?! Definitely my favorite skin care gift this year!


As part of my weekly routine, I just can't live without these masks anymore.  They brighten and balance my life (pun intended). The Multi-Masker Set is worth $105, so it's totally worth it to grab the set since this is only a holiday special! I use each mask for a different part of my face that might need each specific mask's abilities. No.1 on my cheeks and eyes to even out my skintone or dark spots, No.2 around my eyes and forehead for wrinkles and fine lines, and No.3 on my chin, nose, and forehead because that's where my skin gets oily and it pulls out those impurities! The uses are endless!


I'm kind of obsessed with this set of easy-to-wear AND apply highlighters.  I like more "natural" looks for myself so I was afraid to try this type of makeup, but it is seriously FABulous! I just do one swipe of each highlighter on my face to still get that natural look, and for special occasions I might do a few layers to get more of a pop! Win-win for us!


Lip glosses are making a comeback BIG time! And these are perfect stocking stuffers or wrap them on the outside of the box with a bow. How cute! I love these lips glosses because I know there are not any nasty chemicals in here that I will be putting on my lips and they're not sticky so it actually feels like GLOSS and not silly putty. You know what I'm talking about. The PINKS trio is a limited edition with peppermint, so it's pretty perfect for the holidays! I also like to put on one of the Intense Lip sticks and a gloss over it for some extra WOW factor. You're welcome 😉

A fabulous way to step-up your skin care regime with these potent oils for evening out your skin tone (No.1), minimize wrinkles (No.2), and calm those pesky blemishes (No.3) that always seem to appear the day before a big event. I like to use a combination of all three for different parts of my face after I have used their corresponding masks or Nourishing Cream Cleanser (which is my top skincare product but it's not as exciting to give as a gift, so maybe just buy the cleanser for yourself!)


Can all of these holiday sets be my favorite? Because it's so true! Two trio's to choose from with a liquid eye liner, my necessity, a volumizing mascara, also my necessity, and a creamy eyeshadow of either NUDE or SMOKEY that lasts all freakin day, WHAT!? Yup. I also like to use the nude cream eyeshadow as a primer for my Ultimate Nudes Eyeshadow Palette! There's another hack for you 🙂

I've got these in my Christmas collection fro gifts already!  A great way to make a smaller gift and separate these out into 3 different gifts to pair with another fun item, like an lip gloss or a mason jar of homemade dry soup mixes! Plus, these soaps smell uh-maze-ing in these limited edition fragrances! A fantastic gift for colleagues and stocking stuffers.

Although I don't have kids myself, I have given this adorable limited edition baby set to a few winter expectant mothers! I personally only give gifts that I would love to receive myself, so when I have kids this would be top on my list.  You know there are no weird or harmful chemicals for mom and baby, and the cute little raccoon is made at an artisanal women's collective using G.O.T.S.-certified organic cotton yarn all wrapped up in a beautiful red box ready for the holidays! Or, you can buy them individually if you need to restock or just want to try out one HERE.


And of course, you've gotta have something cute to put all these goodies in, right?! A super cute way to wrap up your Beautycounter gifts! We also have a smaller bag for brushes HERE or a larger bag HERE for long weekend travels.

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Thanks for shopping with Beautycounter Aly, ME!!

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