Holistic Postpartum Doula

Transition to Parenthood

Hands-on practical support and dialogue with the whole family in the adjustment to a new baby with judge-free companionship in the days, weeks, and months after birth up to one year.

Infant Care

An extra set of hands with extensive knowledge in newborn feedings (breastfeeding on-demand, latching issues, paced bottle feeding, etc.), safe sleep, hygiene, development, pumping schedules, colic, and infant care.

Unlimited Chats

From text, phone call, zoom, facetime, email, or whatever your preferred communication is outside of home visits, my clients have unlimited access to me and my resources.

Holistic Nutrition

I create nutrient dense meals and snacks in your home that are focused on healing and nourishing the new mother the whole family will enjoy!

Let's Get Into the Details on How I Can Help You...

"Too often, new mothers are left to their own devices to figure out how to mother when what they really need is to be mothered themselves. They need someone to prepare nourishing food, look after other kids, run a soothing bath, look after baby while they nap, and provide comfort, guidance, and reassurance about baby care."

Why hire a postpartum doula?

In the days, weeks, months, and up to a year after a baby is born, a postpartum doula offers the extra support that families need while adjusting to their new family dynamic. When mothers of newborns have special care at home, there is an increased probability of successful breastfeeding and lower risk of postpartum depression and anxiety. The mother can better heal from birth, learn to take care of her baby in her home environment, set herself up for a postpartum period where she does not feel isolated, alone, or confused, and create space for a partner or family members to be hands-on who otherwise might not know how to help. You will always be met with respect, patience, active listening, empathy, and support.

My Postpartum Doula Specialties


Nutrition & Meal Preparation

Through a detailed health history and nutrition intakes during pregnancy, I focus on the mother's nourishment to help her heal better after birth. My philosophy of nutrition begins with a bio-individualized approach to the birth parents nutrition and lifestyle. As a certified holistic Nutrition Consultant, I support the body through food, beverages, supplements, and lifestyle choices. I work with my clients under this holistic philosophy with a mind-body-soul approach to wellness, where we get back to the basics and ditch diet dogma. My mission is to help inspire and guide you to heal from birth appropriately, maintain your milk supply (if you choose), and maintain a strong and healthy family lifestyle through a bio-individual approach to nutrition. I will also help set up a postpartum meal train for your friends and family to fill in the days I am not with you.



My extensive background in exercise ranges from recreational sports, colligate sports, personal training, national competitions, pregnancy and birth prep, and postpartum healing. As a postpartum doula, I can help improve the way you move and feel better in your body as you navigate this new chapter in your life. P.S. Peeing in your pants during exercise, laughing, sneezing, etc. is common but *not* normal! My favorite exercises help to build your pelvic floor so you can say buh-bye to incontinence for good! 

As Your Postpartum Doula, I Provide...

  • a home visit to help prepare for the baby in the third trimester
  • care for postpartum physical needs (sitz/epsom salt bath, etc.)
  • postpartum core and pelvic floor healing breathwork
  • postnatal supplement recommendations
  • companionship in a judge-free, safe space
  • hands-on instruction in basic newborn and infant care and cues, breastfeeding, paced bottle feeding, pumping routine, infant massage, and soothing techniques.
  • breastfeeding support and instruction
  • expert referrals if needed for mother or baby
  • baby laundry and light tidying
  • unpacking hospital/birth center bags
  • nourishing and yummy meal prep (B, L, D, & snacks, too!)
  • running errands and grocery shopping
  • helping older siblings adjust
  • baby care while mother rests, bathes, netflixes, etc.
  • support as partner learns to care for baby
  • instruction on the safe use of baby equipment (carriers, swaddle, swings, beds, floor, etc.)
  • back to work preparation for mom and family
  • evening/nighttime diaper changes, feeding, soothing
  • pet care

Kind Words from Clients

Nutrition and exercise clients:

"Alyssa has a strong understanding about nutrition and how to apply that knowledge to fueling my various workouts. She gave me alternative food choices and weekly recipes to fit my diet and workout level. I also found out I wasn't eating enough to fuel my lifestyle. Alyssa is interested in my health. She recommended clean food alternatives to the diet I was on, gave me better ways to fuel my workouts and help with the heart problems I'm having. I also needed to change some of the supplements I was taking. I learned how to cut down on sugars, unhealthy snack foods, and avoid “triggers” that exacerbate my heart rhythm issues. I would recommend working with Alyssa to my friends and family."


When I began the group program, I was tired both physically and mentally.  At 57 I felt that menopause was taking over my health and my brain with memory gaps and reduced ability to sleep (due to numerous hot flashes and other discomforts through the night).  Weight loss strategies that had worked in the past were not working. I seemed to be getting that “meno belly” despite cardio and focused exercises. Add to that the physical challenges of less strength and increased hot flashes despite herbal and therapeutic remedies. When I rolled my ankle, I recalled Alyssa’s discussion regarding boosters and nutrition. I reviewed the notes and instead of a typical 8-9 week recovery, I was back on my feet in 6 weeks! All of these results provided even greater resolve to incorporate the nutritional aspects into my routine.

Wow, what a difference.  Eliminated depression I was cycling through.  Better and more restful sleep.  I have a positive attitude and can deal with the stresses of 21st C life with greater ease. More sustained energy throughout the day, reduction of 45%-60% in menopausal hot flashes and increased sustained muscle tone. I am completely off hormone therapy (which is great). Plus I’ve been complimented on my skin, hair and nails – how clear my skin is, my stylist says my hair is in the best shape she has ever seen it. I’ve also observed increased concentration during work and fewer cravings – due to incorporation of healthy fats and really watching my carb intake and sources. This isn’t just a temporary change for me; it’s a lifetime change!"