Second Trimester Recap

Weeks 13 to 28 of my pregnancy

It’s been a relatively smooth and easy second trimester! I honestly can not complain. Baby girl is healthy, mama and daddy are healthy, what more can we ask for? If I wanted to get more into other outside annoyances… we’ll just sit tight!

Pretty much life was fine-n-dandy until we decided to move out of my parents house, where we moved back into when I was diagnosed with cancer mid-2018. While we absolutely LOVED living with my parents and grandma, we just felt like we wanted a start fresh in our own place with a nursery for baby girl. Looking back on this decision, we both are almost kicking ourselves, but hopefully things will all work out before she arrives in the spring! As of right now, at the very end of my second trimester, we are in the process of getting out of our current home lease due to mold and water damage throughout the entire home, and looking to move again.

First trimester I was traveling cross country for 6 weeks and now second trimester I’m moving homes a couple times in a month! I see a theme here and I’m ready to STAY PUT for the rest of the year! Well, let’s be honest, maybe a Disneyland trip or two in 2020 would be nice!!!


Week 16 –  November 11th, Happy Veterans Day!

The last day of my road trip! Daddy, Mikey, picked me up from the airport at 3am! It was a great gift to give him for veterans day, we really, really missed each other. Also,a great gift was not telling anyone that I was coming home today, they all thought I was in Texas! Ha! Surprise! Ready for the next biggest surprise?! We told my parents that they are expecting their first grandchild! We had it all set up perfectly. 

Mikey had gotten our pregnancy announcements done last week using our weightlifting shoes and adding baby shoes with one pink and one blue lace since we didn’t want to reveal the gender yet so our families could be together. We sent out a card to his parents who live in southern California so our parents would know about the same time (they live about 7-12ish hours south of us. No, that is not a typo, socal traffic is the worst). I made little bags up for my parents and grandma that we live with, saying I have little gifts for them from my trip, which was partly true, but there was a surprise in each gift bag! My parents each got a shit that hinted at them being a grandparent and then I had them open a gift bag together with our 11 week sonogram in a picture frame that says, “Grandparents… Est. 2020”


Week 16 – November 16th

My first official bump pic next to her future bestie! We had a very fun day celebrating one of my best friends also having a baby girl due first week of 2020! It’s pretty awesome to have someone close to us and see them go through the trials of pregnancy and also in the future of birth and parenthood a few months ahead of us and report back 😀 

Week 18 – November 28th, Happy Thanksgiving!

We are down in SoCal visiting Mikey’s side of the family for thanksgiving. Everyone is betting- girl or boy?! I should have made some kind of money jar out of this because 90% of people have guessed boy so far except my Mom, Grandma B, and my SIL. It’s so fun keeping secrets! Our Niece, Sylvia, is so beyond excited to have a little cousin to play with, she’s been the only grandchild on both of her sides for 6 years! It’s quite heartwarming to chat with her about her future cousin and have her figure out what her Chinese zodiac sign will be. She finds this hilarious that her cousin is a rat!

Week 19 – December 4th

We had our long awaited 2nd trimester Prenatal Diagnostics Test today. It’s quite nerve wracking leading up to this appointment, but I’m feeling so much happiness and joy with this pregnancy that nothing can kick me off cloud 9. In fact, her little body was so perfect (and much larger than the average baby at this age *insert wide-eyed emoji*) that the MD suggested we don’t even need to come for the third trimester screening! It was beyond beautiful to see her for 45 minutes, just having a grand’ol time in there. Keep it up baby girl, you stay cozy and grow!

Week 19 – December 7th

GENDER REVEAL DAY! Wow, this is probably one of my favorite days besides seeing her on the monitor during our prenatal screenings. We had only our very closest friends and family over to keep it small and more intimate. I’ve been in such a Christmas mode since thats also the theme we were going with today. I filled ornaments with all different colors of paint, with only one filled with the gender reveal color-PINK! One-at-a-time our guests threw a paint-filled ornament at a blank canvas with letters that spelt out “our little snowflake”. My mom went first, yellow paint. Mikeys mom next. My dad. Mikeys Dad. And finally, the woman who had been the most adamant about it being a girl, Grandma B picks the ornament that bursts with hot pink paint all over the left side of the canvas! Out of over 30 paint-filled ornaments, the gender was revealed here on the 5th throw! It was quite perfect though, and I’m so glad it was her who got the pink-filled ornament. Check out my Instagram post on my private page HERE for a video of this exact moment, it’s magic. We also had a gluten-free gender reveal cake and I made gender reveal cupcakes, just incase the whole paint-throwing-at-a-canvas-in-december thing didn’t work out. HERE is my public announcement! 

I also somehow have committed to her name! I brought up the name immediately to Mikey when we started thinking of girl names since this one has been in my back pocket and has a lot of sentimental meaning for me. Luckily, Mikey took to it pretty much soon as I blurted it out, honestly a little faster than what I was ready for!  It took me several weeks of going back-and-forth with our other favorite name before I decided pretty much THIS-DAY that I was also 100% on-board with naming our baby girl, Loraine. It just seems so right. We had a little guessing game at the party, and my dad guessed her name! A day that I love to relive over and over again. Thank you for choosing us to be your parents, our sweet Loraine. <3

Week 20 – December 8th

HALF WAY!!!! That is all. I’m stoked for the day I get to feel her move!

Week 20 weeks + 6 days – December 14th

I have been pretty terrible about taking bump pictures. I’ve never been good about taking pictures of myself so hopefully I will get better at this! Look how huge she looks! I was trying on some non-maternity clothes that could pass as maternity (gotta love the baggy clothes) for cute Christmas attire. This one looked super cute with the bump, but ONLY if I had my hand on the top of the bump, otherwise I just looked like a fridge, aka not flattering or showing off baby girl! SO, I ended up passing on the purchase (which is over priced anyway), but I did finally share this as my first public bump pic! *You can see my gender reveal nails! One hand is pink, one is blue, with some snowflakes on the ring and middle finger nails!*

Week 20 – December 20th

A girl friend who gave birth a few months ago raved to me about how much she loved her doula! I’ve been searching and studying up if this would be worth it, so we went ahead and met up with my friends doula, Brittney aka Bee, and pretty much hired her on the spot. I know this is the right choice!

Week 24 – January 8th

I am not as dreaded for today as usual. Today is my 9 month (plus two weeks, if we want to be exact) check-up post chemotherapy! You can read about my last checkup that was REALLY hard for me in my First Trimester Recap here! It still sucks driving to San Francisco for an hour and a half, being the youngest person by several decades checking-in on the 4th floor of Hematology and Blood and Marrow Transplant, waiting to get called to have bloodwork done, waiting for the bloodwork to be processed, Oncologist is running an hour behind so add that to our wait time, getting called back but only to have vitals and weight checked, go back out to the quiet and gloomy waiting room to finally be called, get called to go back into a room to chat with my oncologist, and wait another 45 min+ in the room for her to show up. But, the wait is all worth it. Even though with each passing minute you feel like the ball is going to drop on you, again. Maybe it’s taking so long because they are going over my bloodwork that has markers suggesting the cancer might be back? Things like that run through your head. Thankfully, Mikey is there by my side, every step and dreadful-long-minutes-turned-to-hours of the way. Some bloodwork is out of range but nothing to be concerned about. As in, whatever is out of range doesn’t equate to cancer recurrence. I’m happy and we celebrate by going out to a nice lunch on our hour and a half ride back home. I am so thankful and quite relieved that I got another green light today. Not just for myself, but for Loraine and her development, too. Yet another big day! Next check-up will be my ONE YEAR post cancer in late March!!

Week 24 – January 9th

We met Loraine’s future best friend today! Welcome to the world, baby P. Her mama is recovering and did such a beautiful job bringing this bundle of love into our lives. Baby P enjoyed sleeping in my arms, resting on top of Loraine in my belly! I can’t wait to see them grow-up together!

Week 24 + 6 days – January 11th

Mama and Daddy enjoyed the night for Mikey’s side of the family’s wedding in LA! I lasted in heels until the reception 🙂 I’m not even sure why I tried, heels just don’t work for my feet. Last time I wore heels I was in New York for halloween on my road trip and I fractured my toe and strained ligaments in my foot just walking around NY. Completely sober, btw. I would.

Week 25 – January 13th

WE MOVED! We found this super cute and spacious apartment on the other side of town from my parents house (less than 10 minutes with traffic!). We are pretty excited to move into a place that has been fully renovated so we have ZERO issues to worry about while I begin the nesting process! Yay! I can’t WAIT to start putting together a nursery for Loraine, aka Raine! We’re going for lavender, unicorns, and rainbows. It only seemed perfect since she is our RAINEbow miracle baby girl. So far we have a matching set of a floor rug, basket, and pillow from Lorena Canals all totaling under $200-thank you winter sales! Non-toxic and WASHABLE freakin rugs?! Yes, please. Only the best for my baby girl.

Second Tri Symptoms

  • Acid reflux. I was dealing with this intermittently until ONE NIGHT I had a beautiful, fluffy, scrumptious bowl of my favoriteeeee vanilla ice cream from Maxines (a part of Three Twins ice cream brand local to me in Petaluma, CA). Yes, vanilla is my favorite ice cream flavor, don’t @ me. Anyway, I had a cup right before bed, and GIRL, did I pay dearly for that. I was up from 2-530AM dealing with the most intense acid reflux I’ve had yet. Of course, for obvious scientific reasons, the next week I decided to experiment with eating ice cream before bed to see if I would have the same reaction. Yup, sure did! So, no more ice cream before bed for me! *tear* Of course that’s the only sweet treat my brain is craving, (otherwise I’ve been weirdly craving salads my entire pregnancy…?!). I still sometimes get a tiny little burning sensation up my throat when I’m hungry or thinking about food. Which, is kind-of often, ha. But, totally doo-able. I wonder if the old wives tale of reflux and the baby having lots of hair at birth is about to come true? Stay tuned!
  • Leg cramps. Shit, that was a doozer. Hopefully that will be one-and-done. The initial spasm lasted a few hours where I was stuck almost moaning in bed. I’m pretty confident I have a fairly high tolerance of pain, too. The after-shock effect lasted another full 48 hours of feeling like a Charlie-horse and stiff. It made me miss the gym, damnit!
  • Daysss long headaches. I think I found my personal cocktail to remedy these- Nuun electrolyte tabletsonce a day! Since I implemented these bad gals into my daily routine I haven’t had a headache since!!!!
  • FINALLY some increase in hunger in the ladder half of the second trimester. But only in the evening, so now sometimes Mikey and I eat close to the same portion sizes for dinner. For scale, he has always eaten *literally* twice the amount of food as me, so this is fun! Eating before noon is still rough, but I’ve had that problem since going through chemotherapy. Ya win some, ya lose some.
  • Stretching uterus. Holy cow, it went from being the size of a pear to a freakin pumpkin already! And I can sure as heck feel it! Ligament pain is no joke, but not as bad as pelvic bone pain, IMO. We’ll get to that topic in a bit.

Making Decisions 

  • We moved into a fully renovated apartment complex! Except the day after we got the keys I found MOLD in the kitchen cabinets. Not just a little fluff here and there, but an entire backboard that was covered by plywood that ended up being the entire 2 lower walls in the kitchen. I could SMELL it! Don’t mess with this Mama! They replaced the wood, (with some battling and a stern voice from me to get it done) but after having our unit professionally assessed from a third party that, ha, *specializes* in mold and air quality (!!), the whole apartment is moist. Yes, I said it, moist! Oh, that’s why our comforter in our bedroom feels damp and our socks get damp when we walk around the unit. JESUS, TAKE THE WHEEL. To be continued in my third trimester and hoping they drop our lease so we can get the F-outta here! Now the search for another habitable place begins!

My Changing Body

  • Beginning of second trimester – Remember that round ligament pain on my right side I was having in my previous post First trimester Pregnancy Recap? Well, turns out that often happens on the opposite side of lower back problems, which I’ve had FOR YEARS on my left side and started working on post chemotherapy/pre-baby to help that pain. It’s funny how the body is truly all connected.
  • Last week of the second trimester – *&%$#@! OUCH. I wasn’t aware of the possibility of bone freakin pain in my pelvis. I guess baby girl snugged her way into an odd position and my pelvis is also tweaked and not aligned correctly, from a prenatal chiropractors view. For the love of god, every pregnant woman should have a chiropractor who specializes in pregnancy and postpartum women bodies! 72 hours of intermittent bursts of crying from the seemingly endless pelvic bone pain and one adjustment decreased this pain in half. Some statistics say having regular pelvic adjustments can decrease your length of labor – YES PLZ. I’ll take it all. I go to Acorn Chiropractic Club which has a really cool “membership” model where you pay once a month and get to drop in whenever you want, and these doctors are legit AMAZING. Trust me with chiropractors, I’ve been dealing with terrible ones for years until I found Dr. Scott Mills in San Francisco! He is literal magic and I can’t rave enough about his work and how he seriously fixed my entire body and all the trauma it had been through from previous chiropractic work, old injuries, new injuries, and he’s also gentle enough that I started going to him right after I finished chemo. It’s just a 4-5 hour round trip for me and I can’t sit that long in traffic to the city these days. Highly recommended. 


  • Extra sour cream on things! Mmmmmmmmm!
  • Vanilla ice cream. Boooooo. We know what happens!
  • SALAD! Pretty stoked about this one!


  • Still getting in my usual strength training, but now with some obvious tweaks. The last week of December, it finally happened. I was snatching and my growing belly was getting hit with the barbell on the way up. So, snatching and clean and jerking are taken off the menu until further notice. Which sucks, but I did those lifts longer than I expected! If you’re curious what the heck I mean by snatch and clean and jerk, check out some of my old training videos HERE, HERE, and if we’re friends on my private IG page you can see some more HERE and HERE.
  • I also started incorporating core and pelvic floor yoga flows through The Willow Studio’s online program. I’ve learned these specific breathing and pelvic floor techniques through continuing education as a personal trainer with a fabulous program called DNS, so it was fun to connect these two worlds. I highly recommend working with a trained practitioner when getting started with DNS, it’s a lot harder than it looks and takes a trained eye to make sure you are preforming the moves correctly. It actually takes a trainer years to become certified (and a lot of money, I might add!). But, I think the Willow program is a great intro to the DNS world.


Pre-Parent Life

Mama: Working on creating content for this website and the Cancer Survivor’s Course. Finalizing our baby registry (holy cow this has taken months!) and the baby shower guest lists for two showers hosted by my Mom and Grandmother in northern California and my future MIL in southern California, where Mikey is from. I can’t WAIT to have all my friends and family gathered together to celebrate Raine! Oh, did I mention I am also planning my wedding that’s in February? There’s that taking up most of (all of) my time. And moving, probably three times in a little over a month. Here goes nothing!

Daddy: School is back in! He’s back to being a teacher by day and a student by night. One step closer to his dream. He’s enjoying lifting in his leisure time (mostly squatting and accessory work right now) and already can’t wait to teach Raine how to lift! Currently indulging in It’s-It’s, wasabi peas, and binge-watching Meat Eater on Netflix before bed with me. 

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