>> Do you know of a chicken that needs to be rescued or rehomed? Please email me! I raise and rescue chickens <<

I DO NOT have chicks available for adoption, right now! 

I personally HAND RAISE small flocks of rare, heritage, or just cool looking organic baby chickens so you don't have to! They are professionally sexed hatchery chickens with 90% accuracy. Chicks are vaccinated for Mareks and Coccidiosis.

I interact and play with the chicks everyday from the day they are hatched so they are more likely to grow-up to be friendly pullets/hens for you. They are exposed to natural sunlight and fresh air, I clean their bedding every day, and I do not use wire mesh flooring since this is very stressful to the baby chicks. My humane and strict practices also guarantee that your chick comes to you disease and stress free and most importantly - healthy.

Chicks, pullets, and hens are fed only organic, non-medicated feed and pullets/hens are free to forage my property to eat insects, grass clippings, weeds, etc. in addition to organic feed (no soy).

The chicks go quick, so please email me ASAP to reserve your choice of chicks and setup a deposit!  A small deposit ($10) that goes towards the rehoming fee is required, so that I can reserve your favorite chicks just for you and I know you are serious about having chickens.

Chicks are also available on a drop-in basis. You do not need to reserve a chick if you are more flexible on breeds.

>>>I do not have adult hens available at this time.

Feel free to contact me about these chicks if you have any questions. If you would like a breed that I do not currently have listed below, please ask as I might have something in the works! If you have questions on what breed of chicken will work best for YOU, shoot me a message and I will help.

Mix up your flock - all the breeds get along well together; and it is more fun to have a colorful flock!

Example of egg colors from specific hens.


No chicks, pullets, or hens available at this time.

What chicks we've had in the past... NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE.

French copper marans: ~175 medium dark chocolate eggs per year. This rare breed is cold-hardy, friendly, and athletic!  Sold straight run only.



Plymouth Barred Rock: ~280 large brown eggs per year.  A big hen, weighing around 7.5lbs she is quiet friendly, calm, and dual-purposed. Female hatchery sexed.



Silver laced wyandotte: ~245 medium cream/speckled eggs per year. She is cold-hardy, and has the typical wyandotte confidence and rose comb.  They are known to be quiet, however ours like to make very cute girly crackle noises, imagine that!  Female hatchery sexed.


Black Australorp: ~ 250 medium brown eggs per year.  A big girl, around 7lbs, she's cold-hardy and super friendly.  She has been our friendliest hen in the flock, will run up to you and we'll walk around with her in our arms.  Female hatchery sexed.


French wheaten marans: ~ 200 medium dark chocolate eggs per year. A big, rare heritage, friendly and athletic chicken. Sold straight run only.



Brown Leghorn: ~280 large white eggs per year.  The roadrunner of chickens, she is skittish, quick, a good flyer, and usually lower in the pecking order because they are so sweet, just doesn't want to be touched.  Heat tolerant and prefers to free range rather than eat out of a feeder, aka free eggs!  Female hatchery sexed.


Cream crested legbar: ~260 medium sky blue to pastel green eggs. A rare breed that has a cute poof on the top of her head.  She is cold and heat-tolerant, chatty, curious, loves to free range, in your pocket kind of hen, and are very athletic, but wait, who can get past those beautiful colored eggs?!  Females guaranteed.


Lavender Orpington: ~220 medium light brown eggs per year.  A rare breed and so strikingly beautiful with her pearl gray feathers. She is a large hen, around 7lbs, cold-hardy, friendly, great with kids, calm, and as typical with orpingtons they can go broody.  Hatchery sexed, female not guaranteed.

Golden laced wyandotte: ~210 large brown eggs/year. A large hen, weighing around 7lbs with a beautiful rose comb, she is dual-purposed, can be broody, and has the typical wyandotte confidence about her.  Female hatchery sexed.

Black jersey giant: ~260 extra-large brown eggs per year.  An extra large hen weighing around 9lbs, making her one of the largest breeds of chickens. This calm, gentle giant is also dual purposed.  Female hatchery sexed.


Americana: ~240 medium/large blue/green eggs/year. This rare breed has cute little poofs on their cheeks and come in a variety of feather colors to make a unpredictably colorful flock! They love to free range, do good in cold weather, dual-purposed, start laying around 5 months, and live for about 8 years.  Female hatchery sexed.

Silkie: ~100 small cream or tinted eggs per year.  Perfectly named for their silky soft feathers that come in a variety of color with black skin and bones, they are a small chicken that often go broody so you can literally stick any eggs under them and they will hatch it!  They have a 5th toe, are calm, friendly, live around 9 years old, but are mostly used for their cuteness and mothering skills.  A very old breed dating back to the Chinese Han DYnasty in 206 BC!  Sold straight run only.

Salmon Faverolle: ~180 medium light brown eggs per year.A cute little 4lb hen that is very friendly, talkative, and has a 5th toe!  Female hatchery sexed.


Blue laced red wyandotte: ~245 medium cream eggs/year.  Quiet, friendly, confident yet gentle, cold-hardy, with rare feathering and the typical wyandotte rose comb. A stunning hen that turns heads and knows it.  Hatchery sexed, sold straight run only.

Cuckoo marans: ~200 medium dark chocolate/speckled eggs/year. This rare breed is cold-hardy, friendly, and athletic.  Female hatchery sexed.


Wellsummer: ~250 large dark brown eggs per year.A very intelligent hen that is friendly, quiet, and athletic! This breed is famous for being on the Kellogg's corn flakes box.  Female hatchery sexed.