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Hi, I'm Alyssa Carrie...

I like helping people and making crafts!

(Does that make me sound 85? LOL #truth) I started creating again while I was going through chemotherapy at 26 years old by learning watercolor painting, then art journaling, and now making polymer clay earrings!

While my formal education is in holistic nutrition and environmental science, I realized going through chemotherapy that this new creative outlet was the missing piece to my entrepreneurship!

This is why you'll see ALL the things for my business in one place, here on this website. This is me. All in one convenient place! I thrive on having several different avenues going with helping people through nutrition and safer skincare and making crafts is what truly sets my soul on fire!


Are you here for nutrition consultations or self-paced webinars?

But, don't forget to get that new paraben and benzene-free sunscreen...

While you look cute in those clay earrings! <3


Thanks for being here and sharing my space.



I have two separate newsletters!

  1. Letters from Alyssa: general health & wellness, safer skincare, recipes, sneak peak at new projects, etc.
  2. Cancer Survivor’s Newsletter:¬†cancer everything and also a great resource for caregivers. So many free handouts on how to support your body while going through cancer, post-cancer, and beyond. I’ve been here and done it all!

I am thrilled to have you here.

Talk soon!


Alyssa Garcia